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Heating Repair in Utah County, UT

When the temperature drops and a chill sets in, a reliable and efficient furnace becomes essential to keep your home warm and cozy. However, like any mechanical system, furnaces are bound to encounter issues over time. If you need heating repair in Utah County, UT, call Ultimate Air today.

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When a Furnace May Need Repair

When your furnace requires repair, timely action is crucial to avoid discomfort during the cold winter months. A few surefire signs that your furnace is due for repairs can include the following:

Ignition Problems

If you experience difficulties when starting your furnace or notice a delayed ignition, it could be an issue with the ignition system. Faulty ignition components, such as the pilot light or ignition control module, may mean it’s time to seek professional help to get your furnace running smoothly again.

Yellow Pilot Light

A yellow pilot light might not seem like a significant issue at first glance, but it can be a cause for concern and should prompt you to look into furnace repairs. A yellow or orange flame instead of the expected blue flame means that your furnace isn’t burning gas hot enough. Carbon monoxide concerns, blocked air vents or burners, gas pressure problems, and damaged burners could all be culprits. Consulting a professional technician like those with Ultimate Air Inc will help identify the underlying cause and implement the necessary repairs.

Strange Noises

Unusual sounds emanating from your furnace, such as banging, squealing, or rattling, should never be left to their own devices. These noises could indicate problems with the blower motor, fan, or other internal components. Timely repairs can prevent further damage and improve the lifespan of your furnace.

Uneven Heating or Inconsistent Temperature

Suppose certain areas of your home remain cold while others are excessively warm. In that case, you likely have a malfunctioning furnace on your hands. This could be due to issues with the ductwork, thermostat, or blower motor. Professional heating repair can address these problems and restore proper heat distribution.

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Furnace repair in Utah County - Ultimate Air.

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We understand how important it is to have your HVAC serviced by a qualified technician. If you’ve received an estimate from another company and would like to get a second opinion, let us know. We’ll be happy to give you a free, honest estimate – no strings attached!

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When to Choose Repair Over Replacement

Ultimate Air Inc providing Utah County, UT heating repair services.

If your furnace is on the fritz, there’s no need to immediately panic about replacing the entire unit. Often, a simple repair is all your furnace needs to return to its former glory. Take into consideration these factors when considering repair over replacement for your furnace:

Scope of Damage

Ultimate Air Inc is a provider of Day n Night heating systems, contact Utah County, UT local heating contractors today.

If the damage to your furnace is confined to specific components or systems, repair is an entirely viable option. Skilled technicians can assess the problem and replace faulty parts, saving you the expense of purchasing a completely new furnace.

Cost Considerations

Ultimate Air Inc is a provider of Day n Night heating systems, contact Utah County, UT local heating contractors today.

Repairing a furnace is often a more affordable solution compared to replacement, especially when the repairs needed are minor. A professional technician can provide a detailed estimate of the repair costs, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your budget.

Age of the furnace

Ultimate Air Inc is a provider of Day n Night heating systems, contact Utah County, UT local heating contractors today.

While furnaces typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years, their longevity depends on two major points: usage and maintenance. If your furnace is relatively young and the repairs required are minor, opting for repair is usually more cost-effective than a total replacement.

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Recommended by Family & Friends Every Time

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Jon Hostetter

    Jon Hostetter


    My furnace stopped working on the coldest day of the year. I called in at 9:00 to see if I get get an appointment for same day service. The receptionist was very helpful and schedule me in for same day service. She was very professional. Within 2 hours of my call, I had a technician at my house. My technician was Frank. This guy was awesome! Within a short time he figured out the problem with my furnace. He was able to repair the problem and perform a maintenance within 2 hours. Frank was fantastic! Frank is a great representative for Ultimate Air. I really appreciate how through and knowledgeable he was. The pricing for the service was very fair. I will recommend this company to anyone having heating and air issues. Thanks Ultimate for the great response and for sending such a great technician! You guys rock!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By alysia quinn

    alysia quinn


    Best owner ever and does a great job!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Shae Baker

    Shae Baker


    Submitted a service request and had Russ call me the very next day to schedule an appointment to fix my AC. He quickly found the issue, fixed it, and gave me some nice tips to keep things running and even threw in a free air filter. Very nice and professional, 100% will call again the next time I have an issue.

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Zachery Engle

    Zachery Engle


    Janelle at the front desk was so amazing and helpful! She listened to my AC story. She got me right in even though they are so busy. Russ came out and fixed the problem same day. Russ is super knowledgable and he did a great job. This is a honest company that gets the job done! We are very impressed. We highly recommend them and will continue to use them. Thank you so much Ultimate Air!! Zac & McKenzie Engle

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Tyler Cody

    Tyler Cody


    Called in very stressed and hot with an angry baby because our ac suddenly went out, he was able to squeeze us in quickly and fixed the problem in a matter of minutes!! Amazing service and really friendly! Will definitely recommend to everyone!!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By David T

    David T


    I hired Ultimate Air to fix multiple issues caused by First Choice. Ultimate was a great value and a pleasure to work with. The installers sealed my duct runs, fixed numerous problems (all detailed in my review of First Choice), and even installed my EcoBee for free. I fully intend to have Ultimate back out to my home to do one additional job for me. I would absolutely call these guys first for my next HVAC repair or installation.

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Connor See

    Connor See


    I called at about 10 o’clock on a Sunday night to try and get some help with an error code my furnace was giving me (Ultimate Air phone number is on my furnace to call for any service needs) and by 7:30 in the morning on Monday, I got a call walking me through a simple fix that I would have had no idea how to do myself. He easily could have charged me to come out and be at my house for two minutes, but he walked me through it and now things are finally warming up again at my house. I had called a dozen places before I noticed his number on my furnace and none of them even tried to help me, they all just wanted to charge me a $70+ service fee to even come out and talk to me. They’ve earned my business for a long time!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Support Patterson

    Support Patterson


    We have used Ultimate on our new construction homes for a few years now. We are very impressed at the quality of their work, responsiveness and communication. Jason and Vern are some of the best in this trade. Grateful to have found such a good subcontractor to be on our team!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Laura Rivers

    Laura Rivers


    Our old AC unit finally called it quits during the hottest week of the summer. Ultimate air came out the same day and got going on the fix. They were very knowledgeable and their prices beat other bids that we had gotten last year when we had issues. I am so glad we were sent their way after feeling like we got taken advantage of by the couple of larger companies we dealt with last summer and again in the winter with our furnace. They even fixed the bad duct work set up in our furnace room. Thank you for being one of the good and honest contractors that are hard to come by these days!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Scott Elison

    Scott Elison


    Great experience! They came out on a holiday weekend and diagnosed the problem and got the part as soon as they could. Very professional and friendly. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Lisy Fish

    Lisy Fish


    Ultimate Air was fast, professional, prompt and very competent! They beat others in price and service. Very easy to work with. Amazing customer service!! We had a steam humidifier installed. I have heard good things about this humidifier but wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make. The first morning we woke after turning on the humidifier, we were SO HAPPY!! It was obvious that the air was different, I have dry eye and it didn’t bother me like it usually does. Each winter our skin dries up and my kids get frequent bloody noses from the dryness, so my husband and I keep talking about taking the leap and getting this humidifier. We finally did it. And I know we’re going to say, “why did we wait so long to have this humidifier added to our furnace“! Utah winter air is harsh. I am so happy I have this! Even after a day I can tell a difference in my skin and eyes.

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Karen Salisbury

    Karen Salisbury


    THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!! They are extremely kind and helpful. They go the extra mile, service with a smile, and they're about half the price of the bigger companies who advertise on TV and radio! You will NOT be sorry if you use them. They are in my contact list for life!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Trent Pullham

    Trent Pullham


    AC went out. Gave these guys a call. And they were on it. Highly recommend them.

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Will Babs

    Will Babs


    Have used these guys over the past 15 years! Reliable & good pricing! Use them for rental properties & my personal home! Would highly recommend!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Andrea Santistevan

    Andrea Santistevan


    I would recommend Ultimate Air to anyone! Same day service and not over charged. Thank you Ultimate Air for your great service!!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Amber Beck

    Amber Beck


    We have called these guys several times over the past several years and have never been disappointed! We've had them come out for little things like recharging the A/C or just servicing our units, and we've called them out for bigger things, like replacing our air conditioner. I feel like their rates are very fair, and the service is exceptional! They are a very reliable, trustworthy company. We will continue to use them for all of our future HVAC issues for sure!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Robert Patterson

    Robert Patterson


    I have used these guys on multiple jobs and they are extremely good time and time again. Any issue I have had they have warrantied with no head ache and no hassle. I wouldn’t use anyone else for my Hvac

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Megan Pace

    Megan Pace


    Great costumer service and Thank you for a job well done!

  • Ultimate Air - 5 Star Review By Andrew Allgaier

    Andrew Allgaier


    Fast, honest service for business and residential HVAC issues!

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Why Choose Ultimate Air For Heating Repair in Utah County, UT

When the weather grows cold, ensuring your furnace works properly to heat your home is a top priority. If you need furnace repairs, the experts at Ultimate Air Inc are only a phone call away!

When it comes to heating repair, Ultimate Air is the trusted professional choice for all your repair needs. Our team is prepared to identify and address the underlying cause of your furnace issues, and our expertise allows us to guarantee that repairs are performed correctly, preventing further damage and future costly breakdowns. We also offer annual maintenance to ensure that your furnace is running smoothly, including comprehensive adjustments, a full–service safety inspection, air filter inspection, and a pilot and gas evaluation in addition to a complete tune–up. Contact us today for a free estimate on your furnace repairs!

Why Choose Ultimate Air
As Your Top HVAC Services Provider?

Ultimate Air Inc provides reliable upfront pricing for your home.

Upfront Pricing

Repairing, replacing, and maintaining HVAC systems cost money. We believe that being upfront about the costs ensure that you are getting the very best solution with confidence.

Ultimate Air Inc has the best hvac specialists near you.

Honest Work

We work hard to make sure that your HVAC system performs at its very best. We pride ourselves on not cutting corners and making sure we use the best parts.

Ultimate Air Inc provides on time services so the job will be done as quickly as possible.

On-Time Service

Your time is valuable. We try to be reasonable with our turnaround estimates and work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible so you can focus on what matters most.

Ultimate Air Inc has professional hvac services that is recommended by family and freinds every time.


Like any successful business, we know that being professional is just as important as the work we perform. If you have any questions or concerns about your service, don’t hesitate to let us know.